Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Review

Can You Use Shaving Cream With an Electric Razor?

Let’s admit that none of us want to look like an ancient caveman, not even down there. Because even when you put looks aside, the uncomfortable feeling and itching that groin hair and low-quality trimmers cause is undeniable. This is why even though this may be the most time-consuming, most troublesome thing we have to do, we need to keep trimming groin hair.

And this is exactly why we need a decent and easy-to-work-with trimmer! Because the only thing that can turn groin hair trimming an easy task is that. But since many options on the market, today are misleading and not very convenient; we keep getting disappointed. Finally, though, the Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer we will be reviewing in this article seems to be an excellent option.

Brand Olov
Power Source Battery-Powered
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.91 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Material Ceramic Blades
Color Black, White
Style Electric Groin Hair Trimmer
Item Weight 4.3 Ounces
Usage Cordless

Why Could Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Be a Good Choice?

To answer this question, we must first understand what we should look for in a groin hair trimmer. But before that, I know that many men think that they can get the same result with a beard trimmer too. However, this is not a wise idea. Because, putting basic hygiene aside, it sounds like something from a horror movie to whiz through your meat and two vegetables with a swift, deep-cutting beard trimmer. 

Finesse, accuracy, and patience are necessary for this manscaping profession. Therefore, you’ll need a pubic hair trimmer or complete body groomer to get rid of undesirable pubes without causing stress and bloodshed. And this brings us to the question of what to look for in a groin hair trimmer. As we mentioned, because body hair is thicker than facial hair, full-body groomers typically use stronger razors to cut through it. 

The charge time is crucial; otherwise, you risk having half-trimmed underarms just before a Netflix and chill session. Similar considerations make a quick charge-up time essential. Consider waterproofing as well. In the shower, you may find it simpler to trim your hair because the water makes it simpler to cut. Last but not least, make sure your new trimmer can manage your hair by looking at the guards. 

Many businesses have made significant advancements in shaving safety, and some even provide a variety of length settings to help style, trim and protect the crucial areas when trimming. And, coming to the first question, Olov Electronic Groin Hair Trimmer is among the best options because it meets these criteria. It is waterproof, budget-friendly, and user-friendly. So now, let’s take a closer look at its qualities.

Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Review

Features of Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer


Versatility is among the most important factors when shopping for a groin hair trimmer. After all, you are investing in a product, and you wouldn’t want to pour lots of money into something you can only use on one part of your body. So, a decent groin trimmer should have different heads to adjust your body parts and make the trimming process easier and quicker.

And in line with this, I’m sure you will be happy to find out that although Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer was created for below-the-waist trimming, it also performs admirably on your less private areas! With cutting-edge technology and soft, black ceramic blades, you can effectively remove hair from your legs, armpits, and groin without tugging or cutting. Because the package also includes two movable trimming guards for various hair lengths. 

So, you can be sure to have an even trim regardless of the length you select. But that’s not it; Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer also has a nose hair trimmer head. And according to the customer reviews, it is safe to say that all of the attachments are simple to replace, quiet, comfy, and fulfill various purposes.


Longevity is another essential feature to look for when shopping for, well, any electronic device. And for a groin hair trimmer, this is especially important since you want to be able to rely on that device to provide you with quick solutions whenever you need them. This is why we believe this Olov trimmer will make you happy with its replaceable ceramic blades.

What makes ceramic blades better than steel, you ask? Let’s break it down; one of the most apparent issues steel blades have is that they rust and can turn rusty over time, which is especially problematic when cutting wet hair. Although the cuts steel blades may make aren’t too bad, they aren’t made to last. Plus, due to friction and their material composition, steel blades tend to heat up more quickly than ceramic blades. 

To avoid scorching their customers in the middle of a fade, most steel blade users have a can of coolant nearby. Ceramic blades, on the other hand, produce 75% less heat. Ceramics are produced when inorganic, nonmetallic material is heated to high temperatures. And lastly, ceramic blades maintain their edge longer. Plus, with the sharpness of ceramic blades and their capacity to remove hair, most barbers prefer to use them.

Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Review 2


As you probably already know, for a safe-care device, especially if it’s a groin hair trimmer, being user-friendly is important. Because when using a not-so-user-friendly device, the process gets longer and longer, and you cut yourself more and more every time you try. This is why Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer must be easy to work with.

And, to be honest, it is easy to work with. Many reviewers say black ceramic trimmer blades never cut, tug, or irritate skin while trimming hair. Plus, as you would know, doing these trimming sessions in the shower is the best; it’s much quicker and cleaner, right? And this Olov product allows its users to do that thanks to the waterproof feature. 

So now, let’s talk about what all of us are wondering! Of course, the trimmer is waterproof, and all that is perfect, but how long does its battery last? How many minutes will you have before it dies? According to the manufacturer and most of the reviewers, the Olov trimmer can go on for ninety minutes at full charge, which means you can get the task done quickly and with the desired results. 

Value for Money 

Since we covered all the beautiful features of the Olov Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, many of you are wondering what it costs. Because considering that many trimmers on the market are on sale at jaw-dropping prices, it’s understandable that you think this trimmer is also among the gold-plated options. But you couldn’t be more wrong because this Olov trimmer is very budget-friendly.

At this point, it should be noted that the Olov trimmer package includes one trimmer, one dock, a cleaning brush, a replaceable nose trimmer head, a USB cable, and two adjustable guide combs. Blades are ceramic and replaceable; the whole product is waterproof and runs for 90 minutes when fully charged. 

Because of all of these, it’s only natural to think that this product cannot be less than at least a hundred dollars. But it is. Despite these amazing features and wonderful run time, this Olov trimmer is on sale for less than a hundred dollars. Plus, according to many reviewers, it is also straightforward to clean and long-lasting. 

Final Verdict

Well, now that we covered everything you need to consider, the decision falls on you. Though, in my opinion, this Olov trimmer seems like a reliable device. First of all, it’s waterproof, and this is perfect for user convenience. Who would want to spend another 30 to 50 minutes before getting into the shower to trim groin hair? 

And, who would want their groin to be reddish, filled with cuts and such? No one would want that, and it seems to me that this Olov trimmer can give you what you want. Because it perfectly demonstrates that maintaining the hair on your body doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. 

It is reasonably priced and equipped with all the tools you require to achieve soft, smooth skin. Besides, as we already mentioned, sharp blades mean no ingrown hair, no pimples, no cuts, and pinching. And what type of blade is the sharpest? Yes, ceramic blades are also resistant to heating. As a result, they don’t burn your skin and can cut more quickly and smoother!



Top Amazon Customer Comments

Nailah Thornton – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I’ve tried other electronic razors in the past but they had nicked the skin constantly and would die easily or even get clogged up from very little hair. This razor cuts the hair short but not too short is very quiet and has a long battery life, I love it and tell everyone I know they should get it. I use it primarily for my pelvic area and I’ve never been able to shave so quickly and get it all done, very easy to maneuver awkward areas

L – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Very quiet, good battery life, trims close. The light on the end is VERY helpful. Only thing is the way it trims you don’t have a soft edge so to speak. To compare, the “manscapper” (that isn’t used just for men) trims a little nicer so that the stubble you are left with isn’t as rough on the end. Saying that, it’s not horrible and still does a very good job. Trims close, easy to clean, easy to store, etc. Definitely a great buy in maintaining your areas if you want by I save some money. I would definitely buy it again and recommend for others.

Shark – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This electric trimmer worked great! I love how it looks but I especially love how it’s not loud; has a low hum. One thing to point out is that if you’re using it on your private area, sometimes it will pull but it’s not bad. It’s super quick and easy and comfortable to hold. Also for the ladies, it worked great on the pubic area but I only used it on top, I never went under, basically it’s good to trim and shape.

Daniel Krivan – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I am particular about shavers, I often find the quality is not high enough especially with shavers made in the last few years. I was very hesitant to buy this one because I do not like the companies that sell a shaver and then make the blades a subscription item so that the blades dont last long and you have to constantly buy new ones. This isnt the case with this shaver. It shaves very close but not too close unless you press firmly which is perfect for avoiding ingrown hairs. I recommend so far.

AJ – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I like the fact it is nice and small – but yet fits in your hands really easily . It cuts your hair pretty short which is great . Shaving was irritating my skin way to much and had to find an alternative . Well here it was . I would definitely recommend it ! The battery life on it is fantastic also – you don’t have to charge it up again for a while . I did get a few nicks from it though – but I haven’t found a buzzer that doesn’t do that yet

Ronald Petica – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This trimmer is astoundingly light and quiet and works exceptionally well. I have tried a number of trimmers in the past, but nothing comes close to this.

Ana – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: It’s pretty nice, doesn’t pull or snag or cut at all yet but it does leave all the hair particles visible which I guess is expected for when you use a shaver not a razor for a clean shave. Glad I got it still though!

AGeorge – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: So far this seems like a good quality product. We’ll see as I use it more, but for now it’s really nice. It’s very quiet, and easy to hold, and it does a good job. Obviously you can’t expect this shaver to give you a close shave. I use it for my pubic area, and it trims as close as you think it would . I only do up top as I don’t trust anything like this in the more “sensitive” area if you know what I mean. A razor is best for that. Overall though, I am really liking it and hope it holds up well.


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