How Long Does a Beard Trimmer Last?

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A beard trimmer might be the man’s best friend! The majority of men have a close relationship with their beard trimmer since they see each other every other day. Of course, this is not the case for everyone. Some prefer long beards, while others like to get them in various shapes.

But no matter how often they trim their beards, they always need a trimming companion. So, naturally, they all ask the same question: How long does a beard trimmer last? If you’re seeking answers, you’re in the right place.

How Often Should I Replace a Beard Trimmer?

You want your new beard trimmer to last for a very long time to save you from the trouble of replacing it over and over again. It’s understandable, especially considering the costs. You will need to replace it eventually, however, it all depends on various circumstances, such as giving proper care to your trimmer, its quality, and how you use it. The more you take care of your trimmer, the longer it will last.

And just how long that might be? In other words, how long does a beard trimmer last? A beard trimmer’s lifespan is approximately 7 to 10 years if you give regular maintenance and be careful while using it. Regular maintenance should be through using oils and sharpening the blades of your beard trimmer.

Most beard trimmers don’t last that long, and they might need to be replaced in a couple of years or even in three months. It is suggested by experts that you should replace your beard trimmer every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use it and how well you take care of it. 

One of the reasons for this suggestion is that the blades may become dull over time, causing skin irritations after usage. This may be prevented by changing the blades or sharpening them regularly when you notice them getting duller if the model of your beard trimmer allows it, but it’s not only this.

The motor of your beard trimmer can wear down, and you will not get the same results you got from the initial uses. So when choosing a beard trimmer, you should buy a high-quality one.

How Often Should You Replace Trimmer Blades?

If the model of your beard trimmer allows you to remove some parts to change them, then you can count lucky since this specialty will extend your use of the device overall. As we have mentioned before, when the blades start to become dull with use, they will not cut as well as before, and it will cause skin irritations.

To enhance the performance of your beard trimmer, you should replace its blades. But how often should you change the blades? There are a few factors at play here; how well you use the beard trimmer, how often you take care of them, and how often you use them. 

How well you use the beard trimmer affects the trimmer’s performance and how long the blades will withstand. If you have a bad shaving technique, it won’t be long before you need a replacement. Also, giving the trimmer proper care will make the blades last longer. For example, you should oil the blades once a month or when you notice that the oiling time has come. Be careful not to use excessive oil, as this will damage the trimmer and harm the motor.

How often you use the trimmer affects the longevity of the blades. As you can guess, if you use them more, they will wear out quicker. Let’s get into more specifics about the lifespan of trimmer blades. The trimmers with replaceable blades are made to be dull faster.

In this case, you should replace them once a year. If you use them more sparsely, let’s say every few weeks, you should replace them once every two years. These numbers are given with the assumption that you take good care of the device. Otherwise, you might need a replacement sooner. 

How do you know that it’s time to replace the trimmer blades? There are a few signs to look out for. There would be a rattling sound you might notice. The more obvious sign would be that the trimmer’s efficiency gets lower with each use. Also, blades would get rusty, or there would be a change in their color.

Do Beard Trimmers Get Dull?

You wake up for another shave in the morning, as usual. As you go about your morning routine, maybe you notice that your trimmer isn’t working as well as before and wonder if it’s the blades or the machine itself perhaps, or maybe you just thought about whether or not it will get dull. As a newcomer to owning a beard trimmer, these questions are normal.

Yes, beard trimmers get dull over time. Trimmer blades are used to cut coarse hair on your face. The hair on your face grows harder, and trimming can dull the blades as you use the trimmer. It dulls the blades and can cause them to chip at the ends, bend, rust, or change color. It will tug your hair instead of cutting it precisely. This will leave you with an unruly and uneven beard.

To keep them in good condition and extend their use, you must make sure to care for them through maintenance. Buying new blades will cost you a lot more than keeping them in working condition. However, of course, you will need to sharpen them and replace them eventually. It just won’t be quick.


Choosing the right beard trimmer is important since it can last longer than low-quality ones with proper care. There are some trimmers with replaceable blades, while some of them cannot be taken apart to replace some parts. If the trimmer type is the latter, your blades will last longer.

Replaceable blades are made to last shorter than their permanent counterparts. This is not the only thing that determines the longevity of the product. How well you use the trimmer, how you maintain the blades by using oils, and even your shaving technique will affect how long they last and how often you should replace the blades or your trimmer completely depends on these factors. 


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