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Are you looking for a deodorant to save you from sweating while giving your skin a pleasant smell? Then you can find many options in the market, or are you looking for a deodorant that you want to save you from sweating while giving your skin a pleasant smell, but that does this without harming your skin and in a completely natural and user-friendly way? Then the Curie all-natural deodorant is exactly what you’re looking for!

This product, which offers advantages in many ways, from its rich materials to its organic nature, also has a paraben and aluminum-free nature. Moreover, unlike many of its competitors, it also supports natural life by providing it cruelty-free. In this article, all of these features are examined objectively with their shortcomings, and the details are discussed.

Brand Curie
Item Form Stick
Material Type Free Paraben Free
Special Feature Scented, Natural Ingredients
Scent Orange Neroli
Package Dimensions L x W x H 4.6 x 2 x1.2 Inches
Package Weight 3.99 Ounces
Pros Cons
Paraben Free It Becomes Thick & Sticky on Wet Skin
Including Natural Ingredients It Causes Rash on Some Skin Types
Non-irritating It Can Cause Gunk in Clothing
For both Men & Women The Scent Might be too much for Some

Why and Who Choose Curie All-natural Deodorant for Men and Women?

The biggest feature distinguishing Curie all-natural deodorant from others is its completely clean and organic content. At this point, the fact that it is skin-friendly in every way, as a feature that should be considered during the selection stage, makes this product privileged.

In addition to all these natural substances, it emphasizes its quality and health with the chemical substances that aren’t in it. Moreover, all these features are suitable for male and female users, as they don’t appeal to only one gender. Likewise, unlike many skin care products, its affordable price makes the product value for money.

Features of Curie All-Natural Deodorant for Men and Women

All Natural & Clean Ingredients 

Curie deodorant contains completely natural and clean materials. While natural and organic sources help the product provide the best performance, it also offers a very safe use advantage without posing any danger to the user.

Arrowroot powder is a substance that provides twice the protein of potato on average and contains plenty of starch. It performs very well in acting as a deodorant, lotion, or maybe a powder to be used on the body, with its chemically retentive feature. It also makes the skin look smooth and renewed. Since it’s a starch, it also provides shine by preventing darkening on the skin, especially when using deodorant.

On the other hand, triethyl citrate is a food additive used to stabilize certain substances in the product as a chemical substance, and is an odorless and colorless liquid, but doesn’t carry any biohazard status in the product and doesn’t disturb the user. Ultimately, even the chemicals used in Curie’s all-natural deodorant have been chosen to minimize any damage.

As another material, baking soda contributes to the improvement of functions in the body as a result of a small amount and regular use, and it’s also used in the production of organic deodorants due to its natural and reliable nature.

In the same way, coconut oil is a very important factor for the skin and mainly keeps it moist. It also shows a healing effect as deodorant usage areas by preventing settling in sensitive areas.

On the other hand, chamomile extract has a healing effect on conditions such as wounds, dryness, or spots on the skin as well, and is also an ingredient of Curie deodorant and has a very advantageous aspect.

Likewise, thanks to the prickly pear seed oil being rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamin E, it heals the wounds on the skin and nourishes the skin, providing a tight and youthful appearance.

At this point, all this clean and organic content of Curie that I mentioned turns into the biggest feature that distinguishes the product from its competitors and offers its users a very healthy choice at this point.

Healthy for You & the Earth 

With all these organic materials mentioned above, Curie deodorant is both a user- and nature-friendly product at the same time. Unlike many skin care products, it doesn’t contain too many chemicals and transfers the beneficial factors to use the most healthily and cleanly.

In this context, Curie has a formula completely free of chemical substances such as aluminum that is used in many market deodorants and quickly absorbed by the skin. Accordingly, aluminum affects hormones such as creating an imbalance and even leading to serious health problems such as breast cancer.

Similarly, Curie all-natural deodorant doesn’t contain parabens, a chemical that can cause allergenic effects on the skin and is at the forefront of skin problems such as acne, irritation, and even eczema.

Therefore, unlike many skincare and cosmetic products, Curie is also a cruelty-free product and develops its formulas without testing on animals.

Ultimately, Curie all-natural deodorant not only chooses to be organic and healthy in the materials it uses but also succeeds in being healthy in the materials it doesn’t use.

Convenient Use & Performance 

In addition to the materials, it contains and doesn’t contain, the physical factors such as the way of use, application, and texture of Curie all-natural deodorant were also evaluated and examined. 

Curie is in stick form deodorant with scents of white tea, orange neroli, and grapefruit cassis. Supportively, it provides advantages in many aspects in terms of its physical properties. Besides, it has a very good design in terms of grip and application, Curie offers a minimalist design with its visuality supported by pastel colors, on the other hand, it provides convenient use.

Although there is no deficiency in the application point, it has certain deficiencies that need to be developed. That is, considering the possibility of applying it to wet skin as a deodorant, the product needs to be developed at this point in its formula to leave a thick and sticky texture on wet skin.

Similarly, it has been observed that it not only harms the skin but also causes gunk on some clothes. On the other hand, it has been stated that the three scents I mentioned above are strong for certain users or cause rash in some skin types.

Value for Money & Pocket-friendly 

Considering all these mentioned features and the performance of other competitors in the market, Curie is a product that will never disappoint its users and buyers in terms of performance, usage, and content, although it has a very affordable cost, including the missing points on the review.

Along with being a pocket-friendly skincare product and value for money. In this context, as a user, it never lets you down, and you never regret it. It performs by preventing perspiration on the skin for only a very small cost, and it also serves you in a user-friendly and environmentally friendly way by not allowing any carcinogenic and allergenic substances to enter your skin.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, besides, it’s a completely value-for-money product with all its healthy features, it deserves to be top of the sales lists in line with the small deficiencies it should develop, and it can show superior performance in this direction. It provides a convenient use by preventing sweating and bad odor without leaving any bad effects on the skin, as experienced in general terms.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Ed – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Works great and not green washed like native

david – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The deodorant was too hard not smooth to put on, disappointed will try to return

AF – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I am shocked at how well this product works. The reviews are pretty spot on. The stick is harder than other deodorants so you have to swipe it on a few times, but it doesn’t bother me. I have worn this working out and it works like a charm. Going from clinical strength to this is such a pleasant surprise. I am so happy to have found a natural deodorant that works as well as clinical strength. The only “negative” things I have noticed are – the deodorant smells so good, but the scent doesn’t really transfer onto you. So you will literally have no scent on you at all. Which is good, but the deodorant smells so good I almost wish the scent carried over onto my skin (I bought the grapefruit cassis scent). And the other thing is, while the deodorant doesn’t transfer onto your clothes, your fibers from your clothing transfer all over the stick itself. There are fuzzies from my sweaters all over the stick. Not a big deal though, I will certainly be buying this deodorant from now on! I have only been using it for less than two weeks and I have already gotten two people to buy it!

briton – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Update*** The grapefruit scent leaves a very strange musty, wet dog, odor. It’s possible it’s from mixing with ones BO, but I can’t stand it so I am retiring the grapefruit scent. I am purchasing the white tea scent in hopes for a better experience. Still love that it has completely cured my itchy underarms!

briton – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I saw this on shark tank so figured I would give it a try because the normal deodorant I use (Axe) doesn’t work very well. It actually works!

Michael – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I bought this product when the maker was interviewing on the Today Show. I came as a 3 pack. It crumbles when you roll it on. Leaves little pieces on your skin. I’m donating the other 2. My go to is Native or Toms

Michael – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I saw this on Shark Tank first and was skeptical because I have tried soooo many different natural deodorants and none of them have worked the way I want them to. I have tried Schmidt’s, Lume, and Native.


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