Born Tough 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts Review

Born Tough 2 in 1 Men's Workout Shorts Review


In the realm of activewear, Born Tough introduces the AirPro 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts – a groundbreaking fusion of comfort and durability. Crafted with precision and innovation, these shorts aim to redefine your workout experience. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the fabric, design, and features of these shorts to help you make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
AirPro fabric for durability Limited color options
Inner compression liner Slightly higher price point
Gravity phone pockets Limited sizing options
Non-slip drawstring Shirt loop could be more secure

Born Tough 2 in 1 Men's Workout Shorts Review


Who Is This Product For?

The Born Tough 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, runners, and anyone with an active lifestyle. If you value a combination of durability, comfort, and functionality in your activewear, these shorts are designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or engaging in intense workouts, these shorts aim to enhance your performance and provide the support you need.

The Features of Born Tough 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts

Born Tough takes activewear to the next level with the innovative features incorporated into their 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts. Each aspect is meticulously crafted to enhance durability, comfort, and functionality, providing a holistic solution for individuals with an active lifestyle.


At the heart of these workout shorts lies the revolutionary AirPro fabric, setting them apart from conventional activewear. The tough outer layer, composed of 86% polyester and 14% spandex, guarantees tear resistance and exceptional durability. This blend ensures longevity, preventing the shorts from succumbing to wear and tear caused by stretching, contact with surfaces, or the rigors of regular washing and drying.

Complementing the robust outer layer, the inner lining is crafted from 91% nylon and 9% spandex. This inner layer introduces a softer touch to the shorts, enhancing overall comfort. Moreover, it facilitates optimal airflow, allowing fresh air to circulate freely around your legs. The thoughtful combination of materials ensures the shorts maintain their structural integrity, even after repeated use. The AirPro fabric stands as a testament to Born Tough’s commitment to quality and innovation.


Born Tough understands that comfort is paramount during workouts, and the inclusion of an inner compression liner reflects this commitment. This softer inner layer not only contributes to an enhanced overall fit but also plays a crucial role in promoting airflow. Designed to envelop your legs comfortably, the compression liner keeps your lower torso cool, even during the most intense workout sessions.

The thin, absorbent fabric of the compression liner prevents the accumulation of sweat, facilitating rapid evaporation. This thoughtful design not only keeps you comfortable but also ensures that the shorts stay dry, contributing to a more hygienic and enjoyable workout experience. Additionally, the compression liner conforms to the shape of your leg muscles, providing optimal support without compromising on flexibility.

Born Tough 2 in 1 Men's Workout Shorts Review



Born Tough goes beyond the basics by incorporating three gravity phone pockets into their workout shorts. These pockets are strategically positioned to add a practical touch to your active lifestyle. The left side pocket, functioning as an open sleeve, allows quick and easy access to your belongings, ensuring you stay focused on your workout. The first right side pocket, situated along the upper thigh, features a zipper for secure storage, providing a safe haven for your essentials.

The second right side pocket, positioned toward the back, offers a boxier space, enhancing versatility. This functional design ensures that your belongings stay securely in place, whether you’re running, weightlifting, or engaging in various physical activities. The gravity phone pockets add a level of convenience that is often overlooked in activewear, catering to the needs of individuals who demand practicality alongside performance.


Recognizing the uniqueness of every body shape, Born Tough introduces a non-slip drawstring to their 7″ inseam workout shorts. This customizable feature allows you to tailor the tightness of the waistband to achieve a snug fit around your waist. If you find the shorts slightly loose, a quick adjustment of the drawstrings ensures that you can attain the desired level of comfort and security.

Tying the drawstrings into a knot maintains the perfect fit throughout your workout, preventing any unwanted slipping or readjustments. This thoughtful addition caters to the diverse needs of individuals, ensuring that the Born Tough 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts provide a personalized and comfortable fit for every wearer.

Final Verdict

Born Tough 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts seamlessly blend innovation with practicality, creating a product that caters to the diverse needs of active individuals. The AirPro fabric ensures longevity, while the inner compression liner and gravity phone pockets enhance comfort and functionality. The non-slip drawstring and shirt loop add customizable features, addressing the unique requirements of each user.

While the limited color options and slightly higher price point may be considerations for some, the overall performance and durability make these shorts a worthy investment for those serious about their fitness journey. Born Tough has successfully crafted a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making the 2 in 1 Men’s Workout Shorts a standout choice in the world of activewear. Elevate your workouts with Born Tough – where comfort meets durability in every stride.



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