How to Increase Your Daily Physical Activity

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There are many things you can do to be more active physically. Whether you work a desk job from an office, at home, or are just busy with other stuff, increasing physical activity is still possible. All you need to do is to break some lazy habits and stop creating excuses for yourself. And even though it may not seem much, you can do better and get more active even by just changing small things.

Does Pre-Workout Stunt Your Growth?

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No scientific evidence links pre-workouts to stunted development so that adults may consume them without worry. So what do you do, does pre-workout stunt your growth? If you’re a teen, you should be wary of these supplements. Pre-workouts may include illegal substances or stimulants that imitate hormones, which may not be as hazardous to adults as to boys. In addition, since most pre-workout formulations are unregulated, they may include substances without safety testing, making it difficult to understand their impact on teens.

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