What Happens If You Shave without Shaving Cream?

The Benefits of Using Shaving Cream for Men

Shaving is a typical morning routine for many men in the world. While some enjoy it, for others, it may be a burden. Still, it is a part of men’s daily life. Also, the frequency of shaving is one of the subjects that are most frequently addressed in the area of men’s grooming. 

While some men feel that shaving every day is terrible for their skin, others believe it has numerous benefits. It should be highlighted that shaving every day has several advantages. However, if you have sensitive skin that reacts negatively to shaving, you should avoid shaving daily.

Another important debate is about the necessity of shaving cream. In this article, we will take a look at what happens if you shave without shaving cream. 

What Happens When You Don’t Use Shaving Cream? 

Shaving cream is a grooming lotion that moisturizes and smooths your hair, making shaving more comfortable. In addition, shaving cream forms a foam on your skin that serves as a hydrating layer between the blades and your skin. This is intended to reduce the chance of shaving cuts and scratches, as well as scrapping and skin irritation. But what happens if you shave without shaving cream?

Even though you can successfully shave without shaving cream, it may have some risks and side effects. It would be best if you were very careful when shaving without shaving cream to prevent deep cuts. In addition, dry shaving may raise your chances of injuring yourself. When you dry-shave, your skin receives less protection which may cause serious injuries.

Besides the risk of cuts, dry shaving may scrape your skin cells which may cause razor burn, itching pimples, irritation, and discomfort. Also, dry shaving may result in blade bumps and ingrown hairs, a condition called pseudofolliculitis of the beard. Razor pimples can be itchy and loaded with fluid. They, too, can get contaminated.

In addition to these risks, you will likely get uneven results when you dry shave. Dry shaving causes your skin to become very dry, leaving it harsh and brittle. Furthermore, because it is especially sensitive, using lotion is not a good idea because it would most likely cause itching. Shaving may cause severe wounds and injuries if you are not careful. The shaving gel keeps your skin smooth enough to avoid wounds.

The glide of a razor across the skin without any lubrication is a rough operation that can quickly become unpleasant. Dampening and moisturizing the skin are essential for a flawless, safe shave. Even though you can accomplish not hurt yourself, there is no guarantee that you won’t feel itching or burning after a dry shave. 

Is It OK to Shave Dry?

We all have that time when we are in a hurry; that’s when we may need to shave without any kind of lotion or cream. To dry shave may be okay for those situations. However, dry shaving regularly may cause serious skin problems like constant redness, itching, and burning. Also, there are other options when you don’t have proper shaving cream. For example, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or body lotion can be used.

If you don’t have any of these products, you can still take other steps to prevent possible risks. You should always use new razors, if possible when dry shaving. Also, it is better to wait a little after you wake up when you need to shave without shaving cream or gel. Since your body dehydrates when you sleep, you are likely to suffer itching or redness if you dry shave just after you wake up. So, it would be better for you to drink some water and wait a little after you wake up.

You may also try using electric razors when you need to dry shave. Since these products are designed for dry and wet shaving, they may cause less discomfort after shaving. Also, with electric razors, you are less likely to cut yourself or damage your skin than with blade razors. Following these tips when you need to dry shave, you should be fine. Additionally, you should always avoid using dull blades when dry shaving, and moisturizing both before and after the dry shave reduces the after-shave discomfort.

Can You Shave a Moustache without Shaving Cream?

What Happens If You Shave without Shaving Cream

Yes, you can shave a mustache without shaving cream. However, there are a few steps you should take before dry shaving your mustache. The first thing you should do is trim your mustache as close as possible. Long hairs can cling to the razor blade and disturb you as it is dragged out rather than shaved off. Then, you need to clean your face with warm water if possible. This process moisturizes your skin, reducing the possibility of cuts.

After trimming and cleaning, you can use a hot towel to soften your skin for a close shave. You can also use the hot towel method when cleaning the skin. The heat both softens and moisturizes your skin and prepares it to shave. 

Also, it opens the pores, and this helps you to achieve a closer shave and lessens after-shave irritation. As the next step, you should always avoid using dull razors. Dull razors increase the risk of razor burns, cuts, and bumps, so try using a fresh new razor whenever you need to dry shave.

We know cutting your lip or close spots hurts more than other spots. So, if you comply with the abovementioned precautions, you may feel more comfortable when you need to dry shave.


Even though avoiding shaving without shaving cream or gel is better, we sometimes may have to do it. When that time comes, it may be stressful to shave. However, if you comply with our listed measures, you can reduce the after-shave discomfort. Also, as long as you don’t shave regularly without a moisturizing product, the skin problems arising from the dry shave will not last long. Still, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so act smart and shave slowly and cautiously.


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