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Hairs in our noses and ears can be pretty unsightly if we have an excessive amount. To maintain a clean look and for health purposes, we might want to trim the hair in those areas. Today’s technology meets almost every need, and this one is no exception.

There are many aspects to consider before buying a trimmer. We must make sure that it’s good quality, and if we have a low budget, we must find a reasonably priced product with a good performance. We should get one that meets our needs. For example, we might travel a lot or plan to go camping, and a cordless trimmer should be on our radar.

The silence would surely, be appreciated by many. With these in mind, we have prepared a review on one of the trimmer products: Pop Sonic Ear and Nose Trimmer. 

Brand  Pop Sonic
Hair Type Oily, Dry, Normal
Color Silver
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Batteries 1 AA Battery is required. (included in the package)
Pros Cons
It is silent. It has a short battery life.
It is lightweight. The rest of the product is low-quality material.
It has multifunctional trimming blades that are made of stainless steel.  
It is cheap.   

Who Is It for and How to Use It?

The product is for everyone with nose and ear hair trouble. It seems like a product made for men since they are associated with having a lot of hair on noses and ears, etc. But it isn’t the case. Everyone can have long hair in unwanted places. It can look unaesthetic and not pleasing to the eye.

So we can all trim those hairs to have a cleaner look. However, we should be careful not to strip those areas since they are important to our well-being and essential components of our body.

It goes without saying that kids shouldn’t be subjected to getting rid of their hair, so they shouldn’t use this product. Also, it can be dangerous in the hands of a child due to its blades. Unwanted accidents may occur if you leave the product unattended if you have kids in your house.

Since we have established that everyone who is not a kid can use this product, we can detail how it can be used. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you! The first thing you need to do is to turn the device on and gently position it in your ear or nose.

Secondly, you should slowly move the head of the device into the cavity of your nose or ear to trim the hair. Do not force or push the device too far into your nose and ear canal. Clean after each use to make sure the device stays in top shape.

Features of Pop Sonic Hair Trimmer


We all want trimmers that are made specifically for our noses and ears to be convenient. They are supposed to be small and easy to use. They should be easy to clean, and we should be able to just pack them in one go for travel purposes. They should function well and should be easy to use. Let’s take a look at Pop Sonic Ear and Nose Trimmer and evaluate whether or not it is convenient.

The product is small and cordless, making it perfect for road trips. You can pack the trimmer and a few extra batteries, then you’re good to go. If you hit the gym and want a quick trim, you can carry this little buddy with you to get the job done. It has a flat base, so you won’t have to worry about where to put it. You can let them stand on a counter. 

It is also easy to clean. It has a detachable inner blade, so you can easily remove the blade to clean it. All of the other leftover things, such as skin cell residue, dirt build-up, and hair, can be cleaned with just water. The machine can be cleaned with just water as well.

Although we advise you all to be careful when cleaning the complete unit since it can have some complications, make sure the device isn’t connected to an energy source, which is the battery in this case. Additionally, you should make sure that it has dried out before you start to use it again. It might not have dire consequences but one can’t be too careful. You should also do this for the longevity of the product. 


In this new age, we value peaceful environments and want our technological tools to reflect that notion. Thus, we require silent helpers. For instance, when vacuuming the floors, we want to save ourselves the headache it may bring. Also, it all sounds too chaotic. It seems that we don’t like loud machines.

Especially if you consider trimmers, they are in our faces and loudly buzzing. Who wouldn’t be annoyed? Even our smallest needs become a priority in the market with the improving technology. Silent technological devices are very much appreciated. So let’s see if this trimmer brand is as silent as it promises to be.

It is silent as it can be. It gives off a little buzz, but it’s nothing to be annoyed over. Also, the silence makes it discreet when trimming your nose and ear hair. Some people can be ashamed of their body hair, and consequently, getting rid of the said hair can be something they might want to hide. The device does its job quite well while managing to be nearly soundless. So, if you take the trimmer to other places, such as the gym, for a quick fix, you are in the clear. 

Multifunctional Trimming Blades 

Trimmers are designed to give you a good trimming experience. Its blades are designed in a way that will precisely cut off unwanted hair without tugging on it. It might be one of the must-have features a trimmer can have because we have all been there trying to trim the hair, but a painful tugging is all that is needed to get all teary-eyed. Not to mention the afterward look.

Yes, you’ve heard that correctly: You will be in pain for nothing since the painful tugging means that the trimmer is not doing its job properly. If the blades are multifunctional and work as it’s supposed to, you shouldn’t have any painful tugging sensations. Nobody would like to be in pain and have no decent results. So, Is Pop Sonic Ear and Nose Trimmer doing its job when it comes to trimming?

It’s safe to say that most of the distributed products carry all of the requirements of being a good trimmer. And this includes having decent blades that will not leave you stranded in a situation you might not want to be in. For example, you went on a date, but somehow you forgot to trim your nose or/and hair—no need to panic in a bathroom. You should always carry one of these with you in case of an emergency. Also, the quietness of the product will come in handy.


The quality of a product can give us a hint or two about its longevity. We all think buying expensive products that will last longer is better than cheap ones that need to be replaced more quickly. The quality of a trimmer can be determined by looking at the blades and the overall product material. How long batteries last is also a good indicator. So we’ve established what we should look into when determining quality, let’s get to it.

To start, we can talk about the blades. As we have mentioned, the Pop Sonic Ear and Nose Trimmer have multifunctional blades, and considering the price of the product, they are doing an okay job. They are precise when trimming, saving the painful tugging that could occur if the product isn’t working properly. 

The overall material of the product is plastic. So it won’t be long before some issues arrive at your doorstep. The battery compartment is cheaply made, and you may have battery problems in the near future. This would be, of course, the last thing you want. However, we should also consider that it is a low price and it may be one of the good ones you can get if your budget allows approximately these prices. 


Pop Sonic Ear and Nose Trimmer is a product designed to cut off the unwanted hair that grows in our noses and ears. As the name indicates, it is supposed to trim the hair since it would be detrimental to your health to get rid of the hair that grows in your nose and ear.

This product does that job decently. It has multifunctional blade technology that helps the brand achieve the “It works” badge. It mustn’t tug on the hair, which indicates that it is not that much of a good product.

Additionally, it is silent. So, if you, like any of us, don’t want a loud noise in your face, this product can give you that. It’s also convenient since it’s cordless and has a flat base to keep itself standing. You can take this trimmer with you when camping or hitting the gym.

The quality of the product, however, leaves something to be desired. We shouldn’t forget that it also has a low price when compared to other trimmers. In addition, it works decently, not something every other cheap product can promise. You can consider this trimmer if you have a low budget. 


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