How to Prevent Oily Hair for Men

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Oily hair can cause problems in terms of appearance and hair health at many points. In this case, before seeking a solution, it would be much healthier and more understandable to solve by going through the reasons that caused this situation. Let’s go into the details of how to prevent oily hair for men!

How Do Men Get Rid of Oily Hair?

Many products can be a solution to oily hair in men, as well as natural methods to reach this solution. In this context, by giving priority to natural methods, let’s take a look at how to get rid of oily hair.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: First of all, it helps to balance the pH level of the scalp through the acetic acid it contains, as in almost all types of vinegar, while this solution can be enriched with the vinegar of a fruit containing plenty of vitamins, such as apples. Accordingly, applying apple cider vinegar mixed with water, like a tonic, to your hair can prevent oiliness, and thus you can have a soft, shiny, and healthy appearance.
  • Baking soda: On the other hand, baking soda, similar to vinegar, is a factor that regulates the pH balance in the scalp and prevents the hair from getting oily at this point. For this, you can mix half a glass of baking soda with 3 glasses of water, store it in a spray bottle, and apply it to your wet hair. 

At this point, you should massage your hair, which is wet with carbonated water from the bottom to the end, with gentle movements, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and then wash your hair as usual.

  • Lavender: It is possible to use fragrant dry lavender leaves as another natural solution method. Boil dried lavender leaves in about 2 to 3 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Then, wait for the water to cool down a little, apply it with gentle movements from the roots of dry hair to the ends, and leave for minutes. Finally, you can rinse your hair by washing it as usual.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera, which has been used in many areas, especially skin problems, is also very effective in getting rid of oily hair. It is necessary to take a spoonful of the gel from the aloe vera leaf and mix it with the amount of shampoo to be used before washing the hair and applying it to the hair. 

Then, after applying the aloe vera, which you have applied to the hair with the shampoo, to the scalp with massage movements, you should rinse it with water at a temperature that will not harm the skin and hair.

As such natural solutions can be diversified, it is also possible to encounter many anti-greasy shampoos and hair care products in the market. In this context, since a specialist can be consulted, using such care products under consultation will be much healthier in terms of both your hair health and cost.

What Causes Oily Hair in Men?

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First of all, since oily hair is the case, excessive oiling in the hair may be due to a hormonal disorder or genetic predispositions, just like in loss and dandruff, so the opinion of a doctor or specialist should be taken into account in an extreme situation.

On the other hand, certain reasons can be encountered in the oiliness of the hair. Care should be taken at this point, as some of these reasons may include habits you routinely do without realizing it.

First of all, it should be known that the frequency of washing the hair will greatly affect its oiliness of the hair. Washing your hair too often can also cause lubrication as it affects the hair follicle. The hair, which is constantly exposed to shampoo, starts to get oily quickly as the pH balance cannot be achieved at this point. 

In another way, it can be expressed as; the more the hair is washed, the more oil the scalp produces, which causes oily hair. In this context, gradually reducing your hair-washing frequency will be healthy as it will provide a much healthier level of oil production for the sebaceous glands.

On the other hand, the water temperature in which the hair is washed is also very important. For example, washing with too hot water will make the hair oily, while washing with too cold water can cause dryness in the hair.

Not using shampoo or hair care products suitable for the hair type causes lubrication in the hair, while at the same time, not rinsing and cleaning these types of products on the hair causes an oily layer on the hair. In the same way, it can cause oiliness of the hair by disrupting the pH balance in the hair by excessively using these care products.

On the other hand, devices such as hair dryers that will expose the hair to excessive heat also cause oiliness. Likewise, touching or playing with the hair frequently during the day results in oily hair.

How Do I Stop My Hair From Being So Oily?

Gradually reducing your hair wash frequency ensures that the oil sacs on the scalp produce oil in a balanced way, and the hair gradually becomes healthy over time. Depending on your hair type, choosing the most suitable temperature is among the factors that will stop oiliness.

Similarly, you should pay attention to the pH value, content, and compatibility of the shampoos you use with your hair type. Thus, you will ensure that your hair is cleaned and nourished at one point, most healthily without making it oily.

You also should frequently clean and provide the necessary hygiene on items that your hair comes into contact with, such as pillowcases. On the other hand, when such suggestions and the above-mentioned natural methods do not work, it will be best to get an expert opinion.


Eventually,  it is possible to find a solution to the oily hair problem caused by such reasons, both with natural methods and with expert opinion, as there are many main daily routines like washing hair frequently or with extremely hot water which can cause oily hair in men.


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