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The Azzaro Most Wanted man cologne is, without a doubt, the best party/casual fragrance for the winter. The tastes and smell notes of The Most Wanted emerge in a whiff of cardamom- and other spice-infused introductory top notes. It operates incredibly well on both skin and clothing. And I’d say it projects reasonably well for the first hour.

Based on the combination of notes, Azzaro The Most Wanted is classified as an Aromatic Spicy scent to the nose. TMW’s spice has the drawback of only lasting two to three minutes.

A strong, direct burst of toffee and sugar with a blast of spice. All that is left after it dries down is a pleasant vanilla aroma; the spiciness has completely disappeared. The gourmand heart center notes blend with toffee, while the rich, woodsy foundation notes conjure amber wood—a trailing, woodsy, spicy, fresh, and alluring EDT. The lemony explosion that opens Wanted is rather pleasant and not too overbearing.

Acknowledging a new, emancipated, and active masculinity, this male fragrance inspires the wearer to seek out new experiences, take on new challenges, and be more daring than ever to defy the law. The best strategy is to try a sample of The Most Wanted before buying it to see if it fits your personality and biochemistry. By doing this, you may decide whether you like it and even how long it lasts before making a decision.

Brand Azzaro
Scent Cardamom
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.58 x 1.58 x 4 inches; 1.06 Ounces
Item Form Liquid
Fragrance Family Spicy Fougere
Top Notes Red Ginger
Heart Notes Woods Accord
Base Notes Bourbon Vanilla
Pros Cons
Masculine scent Not suitable for summer
7-9 hours of longevity The smell might be too much for some
Unique design  

How Does Azzaro Most Wanted Man Cologne Smell?

Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Parfum Intense is a brand-new woody oriental scent for men in the Azzaro Wanted line. Providing the man everyone wants with irresistible charisma, the greatest seduction tool is more fascinating than ever.

This fragrance for men is composed of tempting ingredients that provide a trendy and sexy perfume. This men’s cologne is ardent and daring with a blend of bright cardamom, sweet toffee accord, and manly amber wood. When it is sprayed on your skin, the top note of cardamom is immediately noticeable.

This spice has a flavor that is pleasing, comforting, and peaceful. It also has some sweetness to it. As the scent ages, the cardamom becomes less prevalent. The alluring toffee climbs to the top with the amber wood concord. The woody, creamy, mature backbone of amber wood acts as a counterpoint to the spicy and sweet ingredients.

Azzaro Despite certain similarities, The Most Wanted significantly diverges from the other Wanted films. Azzaro The Most Wanted is less sweet and spicier. The Most Wanted is also more versatile. Compared to the original Azzaro Wanted, which was more focused on fruity sweetness, Azzaro Wanted by Night relies more on tobacco and cinnamon. Since Most Wanted is more straightforward than Wanted by Night, which places a strong emphasis on a sweet/fresh orange and cinnamon combination, I believe that most people would favor Most Wanted.

Features of Azzaro Most Wanted Man Cologne


It has a scent that is reminiscent of bubblegum, like Invictus. However, Wanted includes more ginger, mint, and woodiness. The further you get from the beginning, the less fragrant Invictus is, and Wanted truly comes into its own.

Crisp, cooling spices, and velvety tonka bean hold the citrus note in place. The fact that some notes of this cologne have a very synthetic, candy-flavoring-like scent does not accurately portray the true aroma that it is attempting to imitate.

The warmth of this cologne stands in interesting contrast to the other aromatically crisp components. You have juniper, mint, ginger, vetiver, and so on. Wanted has a pleasant and smooth fruitiness to it because of the addition of juniper berries and a hint of apple.

Finally, I’d characterize this scent as smooth with a little woodsy undertone, as well as sweet and spicy. Yes, it is sweet, but nothing particularly unique. Everything seems fresh and only mildly spicy, and the ginger note merely helps to accent rather than take center stage for itself.

The background notes of wood and plants, which act as a counterpoint and help to balance the composition as a whole, in my opinion, strengthen it. A good composition can be made with just these three accords; it isn’t overly difficult and doesn’t have to be.

Projection and Longevity 

In general, this depends on a range of factors, including skin chemistry, the time of year, and—most importantly—the fragrance in question. This perfume can quickly become your signature thanks to its potent projection and durability.

It tends to be more optimistic in the beginning. The scent emanates from your body at a distance of two to three feet for the first two to three hours. Additionally, it leaves behind a lovely aroma trail and a small perfume bubble. People across the room won’t be able to smell you from across the room unless you’re simply pouring it on.

It persists in the absence of anything oppressive. The 7-9 hours range seems reasonable, but not to the extremes of 12+ hours. The projection easily occupies at least 4 feet of area, and the sillage trail it left is up to the standards set by the whole Wanted series. If you want a perfume that stands out wherever you go, pick up this cologne.

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Occasions and Versatility 

This fragrance is incredibly seasoned and flexible and can be used all year long. Although you could wear this throughout the day, I think that wearing it in the evening or early at night would be preferable. Social gatherings, romantic nights, or nightclubs are the ideal locations for The Most Wanted. Additionally, chilly or mild days are the finest times to wear it.

Due to how strongly the balsamic and amber tones would linger on the skin all summer long. It is wearable in the cold, though. But when it shines, which is during the kinder seasons like fall and spring. The fall is also a good time for smokiness and amber characteristics.

Although it contains vetiver and tonka bean and has a strong musky aroma, it is only marginally masculine. I think a man in his 20s would look best wearing it in terms of the age range. However, both younger men in their late teens and older men in their early 30s could wear it.

Presentation and Value For Money 

It is undoubtedly quite original. It catches people’s eyes and turns heads. After all, it has a unique design that shines out since it is rather recognizable. Similar to how the brass bullets and the silver cylinder with a knurled finish demonstrate that much effort was expended,

It’s noteworthy that Azzaro altered the appearance of their typical bottle for The Most Wanted. As opposed to the other two Azzaro scents, this fragrance’s packaging closely mirrors the bottle, which has gold at the bottom and silver at the top. The nice, delicate mist you have allows for a balanced application. Several sprays are acceptable without going overboard.

Azzaro Chrome is an excellent spring or summer afternoon business or casual fragrance. It smells pretty clean and fresh and has a wonderful aquatic vibe. This is similarly pricey to perfumes by Jean Paul Gaultier and Yes by Saint Laurent.

Final Verdict

It functions well, is moderately priced, and smells good. Although it is not groundbreaking, it accomplishes what it needs to. Many guys will find this a fantastic solution for both daytime and evening cologne. Even if these scents aren’t particularly unique or out there, the colognes smell great and allow guys to wear a variety of perfumes without spending a lot of money to do so.

I’d suggest avoiding Wanted if you’ve tried Invictus and didn’t care for it. However, if you enjoyed Invictus, you might enjoy this one even more.

To give it more depth and masculinity, some musk is added to the base of the scent, which initially has a similarly sweet, bubblegum-like feel. If you like sweet men’s scents with a bit of depth, I suggest that you sample and try Azzaro Wanted.

Azzaro Most Wanted man cologne has ginger, lavender, lemon, and mint in its top notes. Even though you might wear this scent at night, daytime is when it performs best. Ten hours is the normal wear period for this fragrance.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Rochelle H. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: My son love, the cologne perfume for men and his fiancée say anything that he needs to wear all the time she love the way he smells 100% good!!!

Corey Hall – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This was a blind buy for me. I saw some reviews and decided to give it a chance. I am so happy I did, this is my new favorite cologne and will definitely be buying again. It is strong but not to overbearing, I get 6-8 hours off two sprays.

long time – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: great smell, especially after it sits on skin for a bit. lasts about 6 hours+. i’ll be honest, i spray it on after shower even if it staying home lol. wish i bought the larger bottle

bill – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This cologne smells amazing. I have received tons of compliments. I would have given it five stars if the scent just lasted a little bit longer through the day. Still, highly recommend it.

Jay Griff – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Bought this cologne kinda winging it off the reviews and honestly I’m glad I listened to them. It’s an amazing smell. Definitely unisex type smell. Hard to describe a smell but it’s like a sweet spice with a warmness to it that’s not overwhelming if that’s makes any sense. I’d recommend it.

A – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Incredible scent impossible to dislike however the longevity and performance at least on me is average at best.

Paul – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I think it smells great, it has a kind of spicy smell when I wear it, but it can also smell sweet sometimes.


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